Wow, first of all as usual, thank God I’m still here, for as long as I have breath I say thank you.  Now, I woke up this morning, my poor babies sick,  stomach virus,  precious 2 & 3 year old trusting me to care for them in a very vulnerable state. I was appointed to the diarrhea committee and all I could think of was thank God I’m home to do it myself & not scheduled at work or other engagement today. Great honor to be the one cleaning all these dirty diapers with love.  As I worked on my first diaper I thought of all the dirty diapers we as adults have in our hearts and heads. You see while my toddlers, as innocent as they are, could only boast of dirty diapers, we as adults have got minds & hearts filled with more invisible junk than can be written. How many times do we willingly,  with love & gratitude set about cleaning up the mess we have made or the mess others have put us in. So, as natural as it is for me not to frown when cleaning my helpless babies who can’t do it for themselves, I now realize that the same attitude should follow when cleaning up adult mess. Dear Diary, it doesn’t matter who made the mess, if it is at my doorstep, it is to my advantage to help clean it up, for it will only stink in my house.  Word?

Mah N Mekolle

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