My Life, My Path, My Purpose

We have all heard it said that our life is one of purpose, but often we fail to grasp what it is. I am still defining that in my life daily, work in progress. This i’m starting to understand, the closer I leaned on the One who made me, those were the times when I felt my life made more sense. That although I was not spared trials & tribulations, the difference was I felt I was going through it in the arms of the One who will not let me burn in the fire, but come out of it safely. When we lose ourselves in artificially trying to create this purpose for our life, we end up cutting corners and head for a path rife with confusion and frustration. We did not make ourselves, so we can either spend our whole life playing guessing game until we get it right after numerous knockdowns or we can seek the path designed specifically for us by our Maker. This I know for sure, no two people have the same path. Why envy or imitate someone else, when your Purpose is gathering dust waiting for you to find it, & your path is growing weeds, while you frequent the road carved for someone else? At a crossroad in life, chose YOUR path, not someone else’s, or someone’s idea of your purpose,  YOURS




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