Between the Devil & the Deep-Sea

” I was caught between the devil and the deep-sea”

I can imagine what this means, used this many times before in conversation.

When I think of it, truly, I wonder, is there room for a choice here.

For someone like me who can’t swim, there is no hope in this statement is there

So why do we quote it, if in the end no choice is good, is it to explain why we made a wrong move,

cause no matter which choice we made, there was no winning? Or, is it just easier to think

that there is no hope in some situations? Just thinking, what’s your take?

2 thoughts on “Between the Devil & the Deep-Sea

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  1. Hi Mah,

    i believe hope here is abstract and cannot be determined by what we do to emerge successful. The way out may appear invisible because of the impossibility of the situation, but there are times when someone actually comes out save beyond description. In any case, that’s why there are dolphins for those of us who cannot swim, and angels for those who cannot go through hell. Never quit; you may design your life, but you cannot design who intervenes to either make it a success or a failure. Loved it.


    1. Wow Del, very deep inside, love your take on this, actually got me thinking deeper. And yes, if we cant go through it, there is always a way out through other people’s help. Thanks, great insight on this

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