Don’t we all wish we were clairvoyant sometimes.
Who doesn’t want to know where most roads lead
Who doesnt want to have second sight or see the future
Maybe if we could we would make better decisions, or would we?
Maybe knowing the future isn’t as important afterall
Could it be honoring what you have, know & feel in the present
superceds lofty plans of the future.
So, since the present moment has 20/20 vision & clairvoyance clearly
out of reach, make the best decision for you today

Mah N Mekolle

One thought on “CLAIRVOYANT

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  1. … some times I am certain that if I knew the outcome of the days, I’ll never want or be able to summon the courage to step into them… so while it might be nice to eavesdrop at the gates of paradise and take a little peep into the future, sometimes I’d rather not… it can be a spoiler and rob life of the adrenaline of discovery…. what a terrible world it will be if we all could take a peep into our tomorrows… e.g. imagine what will happen to the magic of the uncertainty/angst/anxiety and loaded potentials in ‘toasting’ the lady one young man sees in their dreams… I know that being a lady you may not relate to the rhumba dance in a man’s heart during that moment of folly when he is so scared and frantic to (to not) lose what he doesn’t even have… imagine what a spoiler knowing the outcome for sure will be. 🙂

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