For every action there is a  counter reaction. Sometimes the counter reaction happens

almost immediately, for example, we smile warmly at someone, they return our smile,

we hurt someone’s feelings, they shed a tear. Other times, one action causes multiple

reactions; we save money in the bank & when we need it we can pay rent, buy food

and pay hospital bills, or, we gossip, it goes around to a hundred people, by the time it

gets to us, the message has changed & an unnecessarily aggressive reaction comes back.

Some actions are the gift that just keeps on giving over and over in spite of time passed,

for example, when we love someone & show them with actions & words

they never forget it, they love us back, bail us out of sticky situations,

show our children kindness. On the other hand, if our actions are mean,

wicked & insensitive, we enter a world of negativity that doesn’t stop.

An action comes first, then a reaction. As imperfect people, the challenge is to strive

for the best action whenever possible no matter how hard, & if we fail then we can always

chose to try again at another good action & learn from the not so good reactions in life.


Mah N Mekolle


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