Before you came, life was naught but a dreary routine

Talked for hours, like school kids feeling pristine

Giggles and laughter were all the rave

Soon thou were to be the fave


Thou came, sweet glimpse of what could be

Perfect  ’twas naught and still, perfect ’twas all it’d be

Trouble brewing to the surface, trouble not thine to face

Still laughs beneath the worry, sad eyes that starred in thine face


‘Twas not thy cross to carry, ’twas not thy burden to bear

‘Twas magic a friendship so rare, yet did it thy soul to bare

Sweet memories crafted on purity, of hope, dare hope, what if?

sweet memories more likely to be, ’twas to be forever if?


Thou left & the dream was ended. Thou left the nightmare started

For pride sake thou turned thy back. Moved on no eyelash batted

Thou left & nightmares worsened, Thou gone, lights out, say a prayer

Left nigh these streets of despair, sweet face now hoped for an angel

Those streets too hard for the softness, those streets just not for the sweetness

Raw need to feel safe sweet caress, of embrace sweet path to the wellness

In streets resolve was fashioned, a’roving those streets were the lesson

Mean streets tried for annihilation, these streets no match for jubilation

Thou left not a sound, not a beep, not a hum

Thou left sweet songs, every note yet unsung

What songs would be chiming nigh the church bells

What hymns will be drifting unto sweet ears


Love wins, pride hurts, love dies

Streets weave, streets hate, street cries

Sweet love don’t cry, don’t bite, don’t hide

Sweet face, sad heart, still eyes







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