In life nothing is ever pointless, everything in life has a purpose

In life no one is ever pointless, everyone in life has a purpose

In life no place is ever pointless, every place in life has a purpose

In life no event is ever pointless, every event in life has a purpose


The purpose for everything depends on your understanding it

The purpose for everyone in your life demands that you know it

The purpose for every place you go, awaits that you define it

The purpose for every event in your life, needs for you to learn from it






Add yours

  1. haha Mah – u’re funny… if I were to suggest a third stanza to the poem, to capture some of the lose ends we agree on, it’ll be something like this:

    … but like a puzzle in a riddle, purpose is many times hidden in the journey, revealing itself, with varying degrees of clarity as the journey inches on 🙂

  2. Mah – while I am in agreement with the first stanza, I struggle a little bit with some aspects of the second stanza especially because I believe and know from my own personal experience that the purpose of a lot of things and places and people and events are only known in hind sight. The fact that we didn’t know at some point, doesn’t take away anything from the intrinsic purpose of the things, places, people, events and you name it.

    1. Afeseh, I completely agree with you about us discovering the purpose of most things in hindsight, I thought about how I could phrase that but my poor poem got too wordy, hahaha, so I gave a hint of the importance of hindsight in the last sentence of the last stanza when I said “The purpose for every event in your life, needs for you to learn from it”. The idea of learning from. Maybe you can help me add a 3rd stanza or suggest something to represent the aspect of hindsight, I would love to enjoy that.

      Do you know as I wrote the second stanza, I did wonder about the vagueness of not saying the “when” we learn the purpose of some things. I was thinking, is it possible, and im trying to learn, to try to identify the purpose of things as soon as they hit, or as soon as we anticipate the arrival of a thing, person, or to a place. Or, are some things just better at revealing themselves to you as they unfold?

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