Greatness is not defined by never falling,

but by rising when we fall

Greatness is not defined by never making mistakes,

but by the courage to correct them

Greatness is not achieved by never having obstacles,

the great ones do something about the obstacles

An obstacle may be an isolated event, place, person, lack of achievement,

emotional emptiness or anything we chose to block us.

Isolated, these things just exist, but when you pair them with human nature

they represent an OBSTACLE. 

You may deal with obstacles by: 

facing it head on with a solution oriented mind, or

ignore it, cut its blood supply & hope it dies eventually, 

you can move away from it, though it still exists, to deal with it later, or

you can redefine it to be your stepping stone. Be the master and seize your life

In the end the great ones acknowledge the obstruction,  find a solution 

then set about doing it.

Are you great or are you just ok. I know a great person, 

that person is YOU!


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