The thing about love is, EVERYONE wants to be loved, period.

A mother looks at her child, & you can almost touch the love

Whether in movies or the greatest stories told, we all long to be

the center of somebody’s heart and world at some point in time.

Sometimes we don’t even know just how much we mean to someone,

but it doesn’t change the fact that we are loved. Sometimes we love people

but never tell them either, forbidden love, shy love, taboo love.

A child looks at her parent, a trusting love that speaks volumes.

The thing about love, when you really love someone, like really love them,

it doesn’t matter how they look, what they say, or if they love you back.

You love them without limitation, no conditions. A sister looks at her handicap

brother like he was the most normal kid on the block, no judgement.

Whether you deny that you want to feel love, or love escapes you, we were born

to be cherished, and when you find that place where your heart desires

you want to hold on and keep it. For those that are truly blessed, they find it

together and live to write the greatest love stories. Love hurts no doubt,

but the thing about love, it’s healing power is unsurpassed





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