What scares us the most? do we even know it?

The anguish we sometimes harbor for no reason but fear;

fear borne of ignorance, fear rooted in not knowing

fear so tied to the inability to comprehend or be bold, 

that we stifle dreams, hopes and desires just so we don’t 

have our fears realized.  The cousin of fear in my opinion

is the what-if-it-doesn’t- work mentality. We hide our bold thoughts

behind brash, rash and crass behavior so nobody will know just

how afraid we are. Others express fear by being overly humble, 

forever downplaying themselves & their talents just so no expectations

are raised, that way if you fail to rise to a low bar, nobody will notice, 

but if you meet the low bar you set, then even that is a kind of success.

But really? what are we most afraid of, do we even know it, or we just assume?

Is it ourselves we are most afraid of disappointing. The pretext that we are more

than we project to others, lest they know just how vulnerable we are. The lies that 

we don’t need anyone, for who will want us. The fear that if we reach out, we will

be rejected, so reject them first before you are rejected? Toss that opportunity to 

the side, don’t apply for that job cause after all, they wont hire you? Don’t tell her you 

love her cause after all she has someone else? Don’t tell him he is your rock, 

or he will take advantage? Don’t submit your thesis for it is not good enough?

Dont read your first poem, everyone will laugh? Pretend not to love or want kids 

just because you can’t bear any? so no one will know your pain? Tell everyone you 

hate socializing so they wont know you didn’t get invited again?

What are you hiding from, what are you afraid of?

Be not afraid, you are special and wonderfully made, there was only time

for one version of you, YOU. Step out of the coma, the fear

Step out into destiny. Be not afraid I say.



3 thoughts on “BE NOT AFRAID, SOAR!

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  1. You couldn’t have worded this any better. I know it is stupid not to be afraid sometimes but we have to “step into our destiny” like you said. Thank you!

    1. That’s right Tony, thank you for visiting the blog. You , I know are definitely stepping into your destiny, see you at the Oscars one of these days

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