We usually use the slang curve ball to represent something unexpected

either an event, occurrence, designed to deviate us from

a preordained plan or deceive or unpleasant surprise.


Life is rife with curve balls;

some of them we anticipate and have a plan for

Other curve balls we don’t see coming, but when they

come, we are equipped to handle because they are not that major.

Then you have the curve ball that spins you around, and threatens

to change everything in your life, and nothing could have prepared

you for it, neither do you have a blue print to handle it.

In those moments we discover what we are made of, those are the times

character shines, spirit grows, maturity reaches its peak.


Curve balls are a necessary part of life to move us from one dimension

of existence and knowledge to another. Without curve balls we wont

know just how far we can stretch, or how far we can go for someone else.

When life throws you a curve ball, you can either curve in the direction

it leads you or you can map out your own path. Straight lines don’t always test

our substance, we need the surprise of unexpected circumstances to feed

our core values, beliefs & grow our character. What have you done with

your curve balls so far, did you curve with it, or grow as a result of it?

When you know better, do better.


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