Strangers, strange, strange things, strange people

We encounter strangers everyday, strange people

who once we meet, are destined for a few options.

Some strangers become our best of friends, allies,

protectors, the wind beneath our wings.

In time, some become strange bed fellows,

hi, hello, I love you, grand gestures of love &

friendship that never meet the eye, all surface.

There’s the stranger you meet & the stench of evil

is unmistakable, too late to “un-meet” them now

And then the stranger comes, who helps us make it all right

Redemption, teaches us to pray, believe again, love, live.

Funny thing is, at one point in time, we are all these people

to somebody out there. Who are we all these to?

Then tragedy or blessing, we are all these strangers to ourselves

Sometimes we do and say things that make us wonder

who the stranger reflected in the mirror could be.

We’re our worst enemies, biggest champions, greatest

friend, and healer. Which stranger are we today, to others, but most

of all to ourselves?


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