They say the path to hell is rife with good intentions. When we do things, or plan to do them, or say things and find ourselves questioning our intentions, it is usually a good sign to pause. If we proceed after convincing ourselves it was for a good reason, chances are we made that decision not thinking about the other person but ourselves only. A lot of times our intentions   are clear to us, though we mask them with good intentions. Free is the one who knows his intention and owns it. When lying to ourselves or others often enough becomes second nature, we then transform ourselves from villains to saints by the perpetual ascribing of good intentions to the things we do that are hurtful, despicable, annoying, dehumanizing, and all other negatives. When in doubt, don’t do it, or don’t say it, but if you do, own your work.


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  1. “When in doubt, don’t do it, or don’t say it, but if you do, own your work.” How true lil sis1

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