Dear Authenticity,

I called you last week, you didn’t answer.

I wrote you letters, used the special mail man service, so you

will know I remember you from the old days. Still no replies.

I waited day in day out, sifted through my mail, there was no

special envelope from you. So I called your sister up.


Dear Purity,

I’m leaving this voicemail cause I want to have a word with you.

It’s about your sister Authenticity. You see, she and I used to be close

We grew up together, hung out everyday hand in hand, we never missed

an opportunity to be pure twins. We lost touch & I need her back.  I guess I

could call your other sister


Hi Credibility,

It’s been a while I know, but im shooting you this email out of desperation.

My childhood friend Authenticity is missing, & I couldn’t get Purity on

the line either. I was hoping you would tell me where to find her. You were

always the truth, I loved your wisdom & presence, you too have long gone

from me. If this finds you in good health, please reply ASAP


Accuracy and Reliability. Now, don’t give me an attitude yet. I

knew I could find you here in your usual spot. You at least I could

always find. I need your help. Authenticity has been on my mind lately,

I dreamt about her and realized how much things have been different in

adulthood without her. Can you find her for me, please?


” Hey Friend, this is Authenticity.

I hear you’ve been looking for me.  Why, why now after so long?

I chased you around as a child, but by adolescence you started to shun me.

You found those new friends Fake, Falsity, Ego and Pride, & things changed.

You all went out in your burrowed clothes, stolen jewelry, gross make-up

& Malaysian weaves, leaving me & my sisters behind. When you first got in

trouble I warned you to take me wherever you go from then on. You didn’t

listen. In time I heard you travelled to Dellusionalville, where you married

Plastic & changed your name, accent, skin color & character. I prayed for

you daily. I hoped in time you would get back to me before it got too late.

Now that you want Authenticity back in your life, dare I ask what happened

to you after you left me and my sisters for the life of grandiosity?


I await your response………….








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  1. Beautiful and very inspirational. Seems like what one has been waiting to hear. Bring us more

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