He wants her, he can feel it all now.

At first it was the thought of her, fleeting,

never lasting long enough.  Then her smile in

the picture, and it all came rushing back to him.

The familiar ache in his loins, he had felt this before.

What to do.  As she spoke those imaginary words,

his heart tripled its beat, he longed to hear the real thing.

His cold heart, dead, emotionless, finally sensing a change.

His love draws hers like a magnet, a mistake surely its one?

She fights with all her might this love, this love pure gift

wrong love? True love it grows each day like magic,

selfish this love but magic!

There’s hope for that heart, that felt empty till now.

She cured him once with her love, she might do it again.

The journey of no return, to say “no” or be selfish, or

live a loveless life, or be selfish in love.

He consumes her soft sweet voice daily,

and daily his cold heart melts.  Her words though

not of love, but in love her words draw him.

Cold heart once was but now, hot heart, hot loins, hot love.

Two hearts that love but selfish, 

Two hearts that beat like one,

Two hearts that need deep love,

Two hearts that beat one love



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