Your unique beauty can only be doubted by yourself

The words and appellations of others might cause us to pause

but the adopting of their words is entirely our responsibility

When we do not see just how fabulously complex and amazing

we are as unique human beings, we allow others the chance to

create duplicates of us by the many character traits and flaws

they see in us and call out.  Every time we answer to one of these

names, we are nodding to the existence of all these multiple

persons, rather than defining for ourselves and others,

just who we are as unique imperfect beings.  God makes

no mistakes, he saw fit not to duplicate you at birth,

even your twin has his own unique finger prints. So tell me

why in the world do you respond to so many names today?

Chose one, be the one, be the only YOU


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    1. Thank you Julia, I am honored that you read my stuff. Please feel free to contribute your take on some of these topics so I too can learn

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