You have been living in the fast lane for too long

Oh not the fast lane of promiscuity, decadence or booze

The fast lane of an ordered life, always running to catch up

From sun up to sun down, you start with a run

You compete with the sun to see who will rise first

Day after day you rise before the rooster, morning

routine and off to work, barely taking a break for 13 hours

You speed after sun-down trying to rush home to your kids

and family.  As you drive fast your mind is racing fast too.

You think of what you didn’t do, what you did, what you

have to do. You beat yourself up when the result isn’t right,

when it’s not right enough & what needs correcting.

Fast fast fast no breaks, no holidays, no sleep.

Then one day life forces you to stop, pause, be still.

No work to rush to, gone. What now?

Forced to be still….



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