For as long as John can remember, he has always had to fight

The story of his birth tells the tale so right,

of how he fought his mom in the womb

and near almost took her to the tomb

He has fought every day of his life

for his bread, his place, his love and his life

They say he still fights this day, but mostly with himself


Mary was a shadow right from the get-go

The story of her birth tells the tale of her sorrow

It took her mom seven months to know she was heavy

and on the eighth month she birthed Mary and was sorry

Mary’s life has gone unnoticed, head bowed and voice low

she lives her life thinking nobody cares for one so slow

Her heart is depressed, her light is low, she’s so alone!


Mary and John watch the evening news

Starving children in war-torn areas beg for mercy

There’s hatred, intolerance, pain & death on all channels

A lonely celebrity just took his own life while in rehab

John knows it’s time to stop fighting,

Mary sees she’s got to get out of the shadows

It’s time to reach out and make a difference


So many Johns and Marys in the world today

Each one with a tale from birth so different

That roam the earth like shadows and fighters

That need a purpose greater than their story

The sun is here again, don’t fight

The sun is here again don’t disappear

The sun is here again, it’s time to rise up!





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