Car Crash be Still


Routine day, time for coffee,

Hot water exits the microwave, mocha I desire

And then it happened, what you ask?

I dropped the friggin’ mug


Suddenly I know something is wrong

I am man and so imperfect, but this routine always aced

And then I wondered, Dad or Mom? Scat that thought

I feel so sick in my gut


There is a ring, oh phone, why you?

God be merciful, oh storm pass-over, whatever you are

Oh golden voice, it’s my wife, sweet mother, my darling  wife

I say, you ok, and she says, baby I’m not


Car accident, dang crash, 360 degree spin, so much damage

Night shift, a 13-hr spell, so why this?

As a nurse, she slaved all night, such a mess

life is something, so I say, babe be still


Months have passed, since that day, but who forgets

such a trauma, pain and scars, oh mares of nights,

She ponders, my young family, O lord, I must provide

So she finds the courage to drive again, the same car, now anew,


O mind of hers, let her be, o let her rest

Fear go away, she’s had enough, dang memory lane

Same car, same flashes, o that dreadful day

Here, my love, your brand new keys, my credit is great today


In awe and shocked, she instead said, what a lovely rental car

I said, no baby, it’s all yours, your brand new car

She fell in-love, new ride, all hers,

Oh yeah, Oh yeah, I’m the man


O wife of mine, thank you Jesus, smile and shine

So strong and still you stood against steel tests of life

A hero you are, so you see, new memories you must build

The perks of grace, brand new car, cruise baby cruise


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