When you wake up in the morning or that late afternoon nap, 

and in your dreams you were powerful and able to conquer life. 

You saw yourself some days as a ruler, CEO of a company, a writer, 

a producer, an actor, a mother, a father for the first time. When you awake

from those dreams of limitless possibilities, what do you do?


Is it possible that we relegate those achievements seen only in our

mind’s eye as foolish thoughts, dreams only, not real, too good 

to be true for who we are in the present reality? We let our reality

sabotage the first step to achieving which begins with dreaming about

it, seeing visions, imagining the possibilities. And then there are those dreams

we dream about, that seem utterly impossible. Like being able to charter

a private jet some day, being able to give massive help to the poor, sitting

someday on our own television show, publishing a book?


Is it possible that because our reality is so far from what we dream of that 

we fear it might come true and we might not know what to do with it, so 

we let it reign free in our sleep, where there is no judgement, where failure

isn’t real and consequence can be slept off. Dreams, the only place where 

we can be kings and queens? What if what you dream of can really come true, 

does the magnitude of who you can be frighten you? intimidate you, and 

so you settle for less monumental achievements, but deep down you know

who you suspect you might be, but dare you dream?…………


What if I suggest to you, as I have suggested plenty of times to myself, 

that dreams are gifts of some sort of foresight to help give us direction when in 

doubt about what next to do in the present. That these dreams need

Faith to ignite them and reveal that they too come with the provision 

to make them reality, but if you wait to see the provision first you might 

never see it come to pass.  Believe and move, surprise yourself


I have a dream, that….. hahaha, even I am still working through my 

fears. I like what i’m seeing from a distance, but it’s so intimidating. 

How about you, what do you fear? Funny fact is, there is already 

someone living the reality of what for you is only a dream, so, 

it’s not just a dream after all is it, it’s also a reality somewhere




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