It is Day 4 of the year 2014 and as I sit down to think and type, I wonder, how about you, have you thought about your creative side lately? For those who seem to think other people are more creative, “oh I wasn’t born with any talent”, as well as other such statements, (you know yourself), may I offer you this.

We were made by a CREATOR in His image and likeness, no two people are the same, therefore He has infinite CREATIVITY to keep us uniquely made. I daresay He did not short-change one CREATION from the other, rather He gave each one a gift to create something for the Universe.

If up until now, you have still not delved into what your creative side can produce, it is only DAY 4 of the beginning, take action now. A Creator gives purpose to His Creation and needs to see the purpose manifested. Don’t exit this life without knowing your creative side. Share with us your journey. Mine, I am learning daily, has to do with story telling, writing, singing, acting and decorating. What is yours?


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