It is day number seven of the year 2014. In numerology, seven is widely believed to be the number of completion. Do you feel complete inside and out? Do you feel whole? Are there things in your life that still need tightening up? For me, the answer is yes to all. There are areas in my life I do feel complete in And there is still a lot of room for tightening up. One thing I know for sure, I feel complete in God for that is the center of my personal belief system. Through Him I can navigate all other aspects of life. I have a Creator I look to for guidance in my imperfect life, that gives me courage to attempt my daily steps towards becoming who I was created to be.

what about you? What guides your life. By the 7th Day He was done creating, and He rested. In the spirit of He that created me, I plan to complete certain tasks today and tomorrow, the 8th day, the number of new beginnings, start new projects. What can you wrap up today? Then do it

Mah Mekolle

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