It is Day # 9 of the new year 2014 and as I sit at the table with my two toddlers Nathan (4yrs) and Nigel (3yrs) I wonder what their young minds are thinking. They smile innocently at me, waiting for me to provide their next entertainment, a grimace should do it, it tickles Nigel silly.  But what are my intentions?

When we intend to do something, it is more than just wondering about it, there is a decisiveness and willingness to do whatever it takes to accomplish our intentions. As a wife and mother, I always intend to do my best to provide a stable, warm and pleasant environment for my husband and children. All I need to do is make choices that support that intention.  As a professional, I go to my job with the intention of out-performing my work of the day before, I intend to keep that job and get a promotion. So, I make choices like going on time, contributing, avoid mistakes and most definitely no sass-mouthing haha. As a sibling and friend I intend to be the best for those who provide me that friendship


You see, having intentions to do something is one thing, but there are other factors involved. For example, there are bad intentions as well as good intentions. There are many vices that afflict us humans, jealousy, envy, hate, materialism, low self-esteem, etc. If someone under the influence of even just one of these factors INTENDS to do you harm, you are in for it. The power of intention is very strong and you will have a conflict on your hands navigating the bad intentions of someone. Your success at deflecting these bad intentions may also depend on your intent to not go down! We have all heard the saying, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”, enough said. So, even when we intend to do good, sometimes the result doesn’t match our good intention. That’s a topic for another Daily Pearl.


Intentions are not enough, one must back it up with action. Merely thinking and wanting to be or do something without a plan and tools to achieve these goals is like building castles in the air, they will stay in the mind. An example in my life is this. Last year I had the intention of exploring a long forgotten passion of mine, writing, motivating and helping people. I explored means of expressing that budding passion and it led to the creation of my blog. I realized motivational sayings, proverbs weren’t all I wanted to say, I wanted to write poems, articles, short stories, and so in my blog I did all these things. It led to me starting the script for my first book which I intend to finish writing this year and find a publisher. I also intend to publish my poetry and short stories this year. Writing about motivating wasn’t enough, this year I intend to start my business as a Public Speaker/Life Coach. Today I spoke with a Lawyer on how to go about starting and growing it. Last year I had the intention of starting a sales business, I talked to 2 people doing it and I have signed up with one of them already and currently learning the product before selling it.

So, on this 9th day I encourage you to develop good, intentions but take it a few steps further, have a plan, search for tools then go about translating your intentions to action. I intend today to smile and say something nice to as many people as I meet. I started already exchanging the sweetest smiles with my sons and a kiss for my husband. It doesn’t always take much. I wish you the best with your intentions. Do not forget to share your pearls and experiences with me too


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One thought on “PEARL # 9: INTENTION

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  1. Dear Mah,

    Thanks for this wonderful pearl. A pearl indeed, worth all the value and deservedly enough to be treasured.

    Alas, had I fad such pearls earlier in life! But enough for looking back.

    You rightly say we ought to take it one step at a time, so I am trying to have those intentions for this year which I can back with due action.

    What I know for a fact is that sometimes we intend and act properly or positively, and other times we miss track. Yet we mustn’t give up!

    Thanks for this pearl and I look forward to a daily supply counting on your generosity.


    Marie 🙂

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