Have you ever wondered why sometimes the more you hold on to things the less opportunity to see a change in your circumstance. That is because when we hold on to tightly to things that could and should be let go, we occupy the space that could and should be available to receive something new and fresh.


When we hold on to the past too tightly we compromise the promise today and the future may hold. Our minds clearly hold on to experiences that create a great emotional response in us. We remember our happiest moments, most humorous instances, our most painful memories, we remember how we felt even when time may make the details fuzzy, we remember the feeling. If we don’t have a clear direction for our minds, then our memories will run our lives and make us vulnerable to making current decisions based on past memories. We make decisions out of fear, caution, distrust or we throw caution to the wind altogether. It is in letting go the power of these past experiences that we allow ourselves to experience the surprise and joys of our present. Release and receive.


The ability to stick it through, longevity most definitely has its merits when it comes to jobs, especially when you have found your calling, the job suits you and you are making measurable progress. However, when that job becomes a source of stress that starts to affect your quality of life, or you become bored, stagnant, you have progressed as far as you can, are you willing to let it go & make room for more? Sometimes we stay for the familiar rather than attempt the new. Release to receive.


I could write a book on this one. Short of it is, when the purpose for people in your life is over, know it and facilitate the letting-go process. How many of us today are tied to the hip of that toxic friend you have known for decades, and although they bring to value to your current life, and instead make withdrawals from you that deplete you, yet you don’t have the courage to seek a higher friendship experience. You prefer not to “hurt anyone’s feelings”, so you stay in this friendship, gnash your teeth when they call, paste a fake smile when they drop by for a visit, and stifle a yawn when they go on and on about other people’s’ lives and their own, but never ask you how you are doing. The relative with whom you are afraid to redefine the terms of your relationship. The love interest who keeps coming back after departure or other grievances, racking up frequent flier miles on your sheets but never long enough to honor you with a commitment. You’re afraid if you don’t let them in, they may never come back, …you’ve been afraid for 15 years and the miles keep on piling. Release and make room to receive.

Too many examples to talk about Releasing and Receiving, but by now you get the drift. Don’t hold on stingily to stuff, things, people, memories that you end up closing the hands, heart and mind that should be free to receive a fresh supply of life’s gifts




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  1. Spot on with this write-up, I really think this
    web site needs a great deal more attention. I’ll probably be returning to see more, thanks for the

  2. The Jobs part speaks to me like A New Gospel. Once i hit tge ceiling or get bored… i know I hv to change something. Sometimes it ends with changing the job and country entirely. Great writeup Mah.

    1. Thanks for visiting the blog my dear Braunhill, I’m glad to see you could relate. True, in that aspect I have mastered hahaha. Seems at first we take jobs out of necessity to meet pressing needs while praying one day to find the one that matches our passion. That’s why I not afraid to move locations and jobs too hahaha

  3. Dear Mah,
    Thank you for the pearl. I have learnt the hard way, to release and receive. It wasn’t easy because in my case, just to tell you one of such instances, albeit the most painful, l was wrongly married for six years. (My soon to be published book will carry all the details). So, l had children and yet if l didn’t gather the courage to release from that sham and shame, l wouldn’t have
    been where lam today. Worst of all l had to leave my 3 boys behind at such tender ages. I don’t know of any worse pain a woman can indure than either burying children or leaving others behind. Yes l have been through both. But l am an overcomer by the blood of the lamb. I know all things work out
    for the good of those who fear their God.
    I will try to always reply to your pearls, hence probably share something of me to hopefully help more than l hurt.
    Thanks once more darling, and keep the pearls flowing. :-*

    1. My dear Marie, thank you for enriching my readers and I with your story and vulnerability. It is for readers like you that I write what I feel in my heart and obey to write. Thank you again. I am glad to have attracted you into my universe, may we discover more purpose and healing in this journey

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