Now that you have acted with INTENT and PURPOSE, you found the need to RELEASE and RECEIVE, and in all that you did it with faith and expectation. The life we live is one of order and when we obey the natural laws of the earth in addition, for those who practice a religious faith like myself, we put God first in all we do, we realize that something magical is happening. RESTORATION.

I have learned in my three decades and some change on earth, that no matter what we lose, or don’t gain, in time the Universe and our Creator restore what was lost. Restoration does not always happen immediately, sometimes it takes months and years, but other times it happens almost immediately, a few hours later or days.

The nature of restoration can be different too. We can be restored the exact same thing we lost, a tangible product (car, house, bag) or the presence of the same person, and a job. However, when major restoration happens sometimes there is the complete overhauling of our lives. There is a replenishing and overflowing. We may lose a love interest, house, friends but turnaround and get a bigger house, a better job in a better location and in the case of people you lost who did you harm, you gain more and better friendships.

Open your heart this New Year to the possibility that whatever burdens you have been languishing under, whatever sadness, pain of loss you have been experiencing, that Life ALWAYS restores somehow. Do not look so closely for the exact thing to be restored that you miss out on the different and better thing that is coming.


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