On this 22nd day of January in the year 2014, I leave you with this word today, SERENITY. By now you have already read PEARL # 21 about silence, silencing our minds, our mouths, listening and making room for understanding and growth. Serenity is a byproduct of achieving control over the noise in our minds, the noise we make with our mouths and the noise we accommodate in our environment. Serenity defines a sense of calmness, tranquility, lowering of stress levels, a level head to make better choices. Are you experiencing your serenity yet? Work at it

Some of the tools you can use are finding a physical location that brings you peace, joy, calmness. For me I remember in Birmingham it was a lake I visited with my husband all the time when we were dating and later on married. That location was filled with the best memories and when I was there by myself, I still felt that sense of peace. I am drawn to water, so I even have small table fountain decor on my office table.

You could find serenity in a church, a museum, you could listen to a particular song, drown in the sounds of tenors, it could be the soothing voice of meditation. It could be simply a quiet space, your bedroom, backyard. It could be in reading a particular verse, book, chapter or working at your craft, knitting, painting, cooking. Serene does not mean lack of activity, but the peace you still get from what ever you do. If you do not yet know what makes you serene, start to explore again from within, what you think makes you calm, then see if you can test it. Try to have that around you as often as possible until you can learn to just call forth that calmness no matter where you are


(photos courtesy of 123rf.com, care2.com, & divineglowinghealth.com)

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