For crying out loud have faith! Have faith in something. I could offer you a few suggestions. If you are a believer in God, then start there, that is the source of everything under the sun. Do not let the antics and behavior of human beings including your own behavior turn you away from the power of God. There is no need for a lackluster believer in the power of God. You do not need to fall down gyrating to show you believe in God, it starts with the personal relationship you build in the deepest corners of your heart. If you know that God exists, then have FAITH that will provide all your needs. Act like you have faith.

Have faith in yourself. My goodness the self-doubt I see displayed by humans including myself sometimes baffles me. We need to have faith that WE are able, capable of desiring to see change in ourselves and have the power to effect that change. Isn’t it funny that we sometimes display more faith in other people’s ability than ourselves. We have faith that our enemies will attempt to cause us harm, we have faith that our favorite musician will perform exceptionally and so we buy albums and concert tickets even sometimes without prior listening. We have faith that the most intelligent people in class will perform accordingly, but when it comes to ourselves, our faith is dangerously low.

Have faith in what you do. Have faith that if you follow certain life rules you have a better chance at succeeding than if you didn’t do it at all. Have faith in your skills, passions, talents, work hard knowing you will produce. Have faith, have faith for goodness sake! Please have faith.


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  1. Amen! We should have faith because faith acknowledges all that has been made available for us in Christ. The reason some of us fear to have faith sometimes is because we think its by our abilities, strength, or even intelligence. Whereas its by His wisdom, His strength, His ability, His resources etc When we acknowledge this, we won’t waste anytime in taking that step, or embarking on that journey, taking on that new position, project or whatever it is because we already know how it will end..succesful. So please let’s have faith! Thank you mama

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