My dear friends, my dear precious pearls, take a moment to make a toast to yourself for coming this far. Can you imagine how far you have come. Many people see you smile, but they don’t know your story, they see the slight tremble of your lips when you talk, they don’t know your anxiety. When you laugh there is a break in your voice, but they don’t know your history. You however know your story, your history, your journey, and your destination, but God knows your destiny. Take a moment to toast to your life. 

I know for some it might seem like, what, right now the last thing I feel like doing is toasting to myself. You might have just begun another round, another episode in “sadville”, “cryville”, “lonelyville”, “disappointmentville” but I can assure you, affirm yourself, give yourself the pat on the back to make it through whatever situation that you are in. We are constantly in a battle, whether the battle is known to us immediately by manifestation or it is still in the spiritual realm, we are always in a fight. Know that.

When we start to affirm ourselves, we affirm the source of the strength and power that we have. For followers of Christ and believers in God almighty most high, we acknowledge that nothing we do is by our strength and power, but by the grace of God whom we serve.  Affirmation tells us we might not be where we want to be but we are sure happy for who we are and what we have and have managed to accomplish so far. It says the journey is ongoing but we thank God for progress.

I encourage you to have an affirmation notebook, diary, jar, anything where you affirm yourself and put it in writing, concrete. You may affirm yourself for the way you handled a volatile conversation, that is something to be proud of. You may affirm the fact that you just transitioned from shyness to a sliver of boldness in your thoughts and actions. Pat yourself on the back for coming out of your painful situation and not falling totally apart. Affirm the fact that you have hope and steps to move and are willing to move daily. Take a moment to smile, cheers!


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2 thoughts on “PEARL # 24: AFFIRMATION

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  1. i thank u so much for the aid u give to me and millions of people all over the world.keep up,God bless u.Peace!

    1. Thank you Steve, it is heartwarming to know that in a small way I do reach the hearts of many, it is my joy to share what I know and to uplift. Thanks for the feedback

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