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My dear Valentine, no, my dear love, my husband. Happy Valentine’s day. With you I have learned what unconditional love means, I have learned to love unconditionally, not just in words but in action. With you I discovered the reason for so many countless love poems, stories, movies and why they make the heart sing. You and I have been through the highest peaks and the lowest lows, and yet through it all, you still make me have butterflies like I did when I was sixteen, or was it fifteen.

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I am a better human being because of the things I have been able to experience and overcome with you as a family unit. We have grown so much, and through the changes of our teens, twenties and now thirties I marvel at the God that keeps us standing with each other through thick, thin and through the greatest love I still have.

I love how you scowl at me when I’m in space, lost in my thoughts as I write in my blogs or calculate my sales, the hours ticking into 2:am and I am typing away.  Then you reach and place the blanket over my shoulder so I don’t freeze to death in my artistic trance. I notice you know, and I love you for that.

I love that you think I’m quirky, clumsy sometimes and only seem to wanna wear your clothes, hahaha (your over-sized tee-shirts are just so much more comfortable!)

I love that you support my business ventures whether I come up with a thousand ideas a day or not, you smile and basically wait for your cue to pitch in. I can’t tell you how much your support helps me grow wings to fly.

Your care and love for our two boys in second to none, and if I were to come back in this life, I will still choose you as the father of my children. Nathan and Nigel are blessed to have you as their Daddy. 

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I still love you after all these years, and I don’t see that changing any time soon. My gift is my prayer, and this one’s for you:

May God bless you and guide your steps daily

When you falter and fall like we all do, may God help you rise up

When you think of your past, may your future be even brighter

May your love for your God, wife and children grow in strength

May God increase you & grant you favor all the days of your life

May your foes stay far and your blessings draw nearer to you

May you succeed spiritually, in love, career and community

May you be protected from harm as you navigate these streets

God first, You second, Me, our children, career, family & friends

Our reality as flawed human beings is our strength as a couple

I love you


(photos by, happyvalentines2014)

6 thoughts on “PEARL # 39: LOVE OF MY VALENTINE

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  1. Hello Mah,
    Thank you for sharing your gift with so many. You are a blessing and my prayer is may God continue to shower you and yours with abundance of blessings.

    1. Awww thank you for stopping by Miss Carmen, from your mouth to God’s ears. I try to share the honesty of my heart and hoping it means something to the person reading. Thank you again

  2. Dear Mah,

    It’s been a while since l stopped by to leave a word or two.

    Wow, what a tribute to your Valentine, your love, your husband, the father or your boys!

    You know not all are as fortunate as you are, well me for example!

    So darling, continue to count you blessings and nurture your relationship in spirit and in truth.

    Hugs, Marie

    1. Thank you Anomymous. With this piece I just let it flow, it’s been 7 years and 8 Valentines Days together and through thick and thin I’m blessed that God has shown us favor to still have each other.

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