It is simple, when you look at a chain for example, there is a link, something that connects one part of the chain to the other. The chain looks beautiful and put together to completion thanks to the use of the links. A lot of times the link does not hold the same measurable weight or value as what it is connecting. However, because the two ends will remain unconnected without it, the link therefore assumes utmost importance different from its intrinsic measurable value

In our socio-cultural life, it is the same concept. We all are where we are because of the links in our chain of life. Unfortunately as human beings we may sometimes miss the value of the link due to judgmental behavior, snobbery or ignorance. We sometimes look too deep and too hard in one expectant direction, waiting for the big result, and then we ignore the link that will connect us to our prize.

Have you seen your links, do you recognize your links, do you even know there is something else you need to make that final jump to your next level. It could be that in order to get from one job to the other, the link is to acquire a minor certification, it could be that to meet your  next financial opportunity you need to first invest in the current opportunity in order to generate money to finance your real passion. Don’t make the mistake of sitting around waiting for what you asked to show up as you want it, whereas you need to make a path by obeying the call to link up

“Your link could be your mother, brother, friend, colleague” Mah Mekolle


Who are your links, honor them. No link is small or too irrelevant. I started off as a nurse, then started pursuing my old passion of writing. Along the way I realized I need a Publisher for my written work as well as launch my Life Coach business, then the call to start a home based business got me thinking, and so I joined Mary Kay Cosmetics and started selling. Even I wondered what the link between Mary Kay cosmetics and writing could be. As I started training and attending the Mary Kay meetings, I discovered another passion, my eye for beauty, I decided I will get certified as a makeup artist.

You know what I think though? That one of these days while I am showing someone my skills and makeup products then will turn out to be someone who can help me publish my books or be a client for my Life Coaching. In this season, I recognize that one of my links is the cosmetic business. What about you, what strange thing do you think you need to do, but which could turn out the link to where you want to go? Obey the call, be open to suggestions from the Universe not just yours

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