It is simple, God is love and so are you. We were made from love and we are of love. We should strive to be more in the likeness of Jesus for we are already made in His image. Jesus’s actions and words oozed love and he urges us to keep this in our hearts. Even for our enemies we are encouraged to pray for our enemies.

Love. When we love we need to start with God’s love then love for ourself. If we don’t love ourself how can we effectively love others. Love helps us forgive, let go of painful and sad experiences, love let’s us refresh and renew, gives us the heart to accept and not judge others. How can you love yourself with all your imperfections and then turn around and be so harsh with other people. If you find that you are quick to anger, check your love measure of yourself & for others. Maybe you don’t have an attitude problem after all, you just need to feel, experience and give more love


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