It always amuses me how sometimes we find ourselves drinking, laughing, making merry when the time for making merry arrives, and when the time for seriousness comes, some don’t know how to switch and be serious. You have those for whom life is just a joke, a revolving carnival, a parade of clown acts, no sense of seriousness. They laugh and look merry, but never a moment to lead a serious life. They are good at asking you to join perpetual merry-making. They have a lot to lose, and don’t care, so they have nothing to lose actually.


Know yourself, don’t let the lazy fool suck you into the game of cards that has nothing but the joker. Know what you have to lose and keep the lazy man far from your hours of seriousness. Surround yourself with more than the joker, be the friend, sister, brother, relative, neighbor that anyone needs when it is time for serious decision-making, not the joker everyone fears


(image from cryptomundo,com)

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