Be of good cheer, the cycle of giving comes to you, and the only way you continue to receive is when you learn to give, pass blessings on. Be careful of always being the bitter tongue of discord and criticism, always pointing out what is not working rather than shinning a light on what is working. Sooner than later, people will not want to deal with you, for you make them feel rather small instead of uplifting the imperfect giants that we all are. Take time to congratulate someone, take time to say, well done!


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  1. I read something today and my take away was..Do not underestimate your ability to inspire change in others..We need to celebrate, encourage, uplift each other!!

    1. Amen, and if we are not gonna be positive, or critique to be resource for growth, let’s not cause destruction and de solution either

  2. Dear Mah, you write well. I discovered what evem just a like of my blog post coild do to me. I never cared if the person read it all or just clicked the like button but l was glad he lifted his hand and clicked. Now, l take a step further and try to leave comments every now amd then and here and there. That to me is encouraging or suppotting others. Sometimes, the very blogs l do so to them, don’t do mine even a half of that. So in this case, do you think l should continue to cheer them or stay only with those who are more cheerful towards me? Please, I know what the bible says but to me, relationships should be reciprocal or we move on to others.

    Just my modest thoughts on your interesting article.

    1. My dear Marie, I think that it is a natural sentiment to expect reciprocity in life but I also think that it is a personal thing to what degree we expect it & the satisfaction or disappointment we get depends on the importance we give it. I have learned that if we do things expecting for them to be done exactly and the same number of times back to us, we give power to others to have a say in our lives. Some of these bloggers might not like or reply to your blog posts as often as you do theirs, but maybe that frequency is not part of their purpose in your life right now. If you know instinctively that they do mean you well, my 2 cents will be to be patient & see what else they bring to your table later. They might not comment ever, but they might be bragging verbally about you rather than insulting you. As long as they are of good cheer. I say don’t try too hard to control situations by doing things and waiting for exact response, they might starry feeling that message and be turned off, some people want to know you really want their company, not the number of comments they can make

      Be patient with life my dear, in time the most silent earn their purpose. Cycle of life

  3. One word of encouragement can change a lifetime and it is so sweet to uplift others…it’s the first rule of charity, in my opinion. Give. Give others encouragement…so simple. 🙂

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