Yes, know your limits. Frustration is by no stretch of the imagination a situation where we set out to do something or achieve something and the results don’t match our expectation. Not everyone knows how to handle frustration, and part of it is not knowing our limits.

Knowing our limits helps us avoid certain situation, make the right choice between two similar interventions to go for the one that best suits our abilities, or it helps us decide exactly how far to go. Being ignorant of what we can do and how far we can go. I will highlight a few examples below

If in a life situation where you are faced with financial limitations, it can be frustrating for the expenses we need to afford can be very basic and very important as well. There are ways to overcome this obstacle to affording what we need, however based on our skill, assets and other factors, there are limitations. Some people have assets to sell, some people have relatives who can lend money, and sometimes all you can get it a little amount of money. When we try crooked means to get money, pushing the line of our limitations, the consequences could be dire, involving loss of trust, friendships, and even jail time.

Limitations in educational capacity. You will agree with me that we have seen time and again that a parent may push a child to take classes to become what they don’t have the mental capacity to handle. Next, you find this child constantly lagging behind their peers, causing more social and emotional issues than if the child had been steered towards what their real talent is, even if it is different from the parent or society. A more stable, socially appropriate and emotionally healthy child, definitely more important than one suffering from failures of not heeding personal limits

Know your limits even in relationships. This is a harder area where we push and push our limits and other people’s limits over and over again, because the desire to achieve that emotional connection or distance is so deep. Many relationships, whether romantic, filial or social have crumbled under the failure to know limitations, the examples obvious as you delve in your mind to see those elements where limits were pushed.

In conclusion, knowing one’s limits is not a recipe for limiting oneself, but rather a means to know which direction to avoid, which path to take and which one to push and at what level.


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