Pray for the 239 missing

Oh my goodness this is sad, hope there is a resolution, thanks Iggy for addressing this matter



It is hard to say what has happened to the 239 people missing on the Malaysia Airline jet, as the searches continue in the South China Sea.

With two days gone already since the plane that left Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia never reached its destination, Beijing, China hope for any survival is slim.

As family members, relatives and loved ones are in consolable as the mystery behind the disappearance is yet to be discover, it is time to pray for all 239.

The questions to ask are many, but at the moment, no answer is practically right as the plane is yet to be seen or debris spotted, confirmed to come from the jet.

While the time to wait continues just as the suspense in the air, this is the time for the whole world to unite than ever to give moral support to families of the victims.

Not Malaysia, China…

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