The more I do, the more I realize I can do

The more I dream, the bigger my dreams get

The more I pray, the louder my prayers get

The more I am kind, the kinder I am

The more I love, the harder I love

The more I forgive, the more I have peace

The more I let go, the easier to let go

The more I smile, the wider my smile

The more I work the harder I work

The less I work out, the less I want to work out

The less I pray the deeper my depression

The more I weep, the harder it is to stop

The higher I reach to the heavens, the bigger my visions


(Photo by Mah Mekolle)

3 thoughts on “PEARL # 63: MY DAILY MUSINGS

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      1. U’re most welcome. I hope you will take some time to discover mine as well and that you will appreciate the ride. Stay blessed!

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