Sounds strange? I was pondering on the term adoption today. When it comes to people, the first thing that comes to mind is the adopting of a child. However, I realized that in my life, I have adopted people older than me, younger, same age, same creed. It also dawned on me that I have been adopted in my journey through life, by a few people, it felt different from regular friendship, there was a sense of responsibility and ownership, in the most positive sense of the word


Adoption of someone can happen intentionally by your decision to somehow look out for them, or by chance, where you find that circumstances present you with someone at a particular season of your life for you to have a sense of responsibility for. No matter the scenario, I believe that when we identify that we are in a position to have input in someone’s life, it is an honor and a gift more to us than the receiver.


Have you ever felt this sense of kinship with someone, be it a colleague, a friend, family member or stranger, who walks into your life and you know somehow you were meant to take care of that person, even if just for a season? It may not be financially, for often times you feel this push to give a helping hand, even when you don’t have enough.


Sometimes, I believe God looks into our hearts, and He trusts the contents at some given point, then he sends over people who are in need of the content of our hearts. Some people are emotionally paralyzed, afraid to love hard again, afraid to cry, they need a place to stay, they need a constant encouraging voice, a mentor; they need you.


Consider today if you have not already, the fact that God has given you a second or third or first chance to get something right by practicing it on someone else. Maybe it is just time to give back? Don’t ignore the call to be there for someone, for yourself. Nobody is self-sufficient to the degree that they don’t need anything from anybody. Maybe he that seems to have everything, needs something totally priceless from you, so open your heart. Love, acceptance, trust are a few priceless things out there.


Find someone to love, teach your heart to love again, trust again, laugh with again, cry again………. Image MAH MEKOLLE

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