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I took a little break from blogging, and many other things I had become a slave to, good things, great things, but when in excess of my capabilities, or within my capabilities, started to affect my core priorities, I knew I had to pause. Yes, pause, regroup, get back to my center. For everyone, that presents itself differently, different signals, different triggers that say we are living on the edge of our center, our grounding point. So as I took my little break caused by one or two unplanned events, and the natural realization that it was time to pause again, I surveyed the world, its people and found a few interesting observances

1) At any given point in time we are all part of a complex, intricate and profound plot in the game of life, or the play that is our life’s story. One day we are the leading lady or gent, on another day, we are the supporting act. Which role is more important? Depends, it is subjective really, but the answer lies in influence, not affluence, influence.

2) We are all screwed up in some way. Some days we are wired really tight, wound up in the tightest knot. Other days screws are loose, bordering on disintegration. Which state is best? Depends, but I reckon it lies in our productivity, whether negative or positive.

3) Everyone is prone to be a prey, preyed on, and on some days, the hunter. Who we hunt, why we hunt, how we choose our prey is very calculated and methodical. Prey or Hunter, which role comes easier. Depends really, subjective. I suspect the ease to trust & be vulnerable and the opposite play a part. Trust.

4) Everyone wants to love and be loved in return.

5) Rejection happens in all nooks and crannies, no relationship, whether social, amorous, filial, business, is safe from it. To deal or not to deal

6) Some people seek recognition, some seek to influence, some seek to affect, some want to be affected. Money confuses all sometimes.

7) Power is a drug with different methods of administration, comes in different forms and people will stoop and rise to many depths and heights to acquire it.

8) There are many simple pleasures in life, so easy it is stupid, and yet the smartest of us all sometimes miss these things. Too smart chasing the big things, too dumb to stop and smell the roses

9) The ability to breathe and think, the gift of a heartbeat daily, a wasted freedom in many lives, when we see how much we take it for granted. Then the monitor stops, death, no more……why wait

10) The ability to forgive and move on, the most misused, unused, abused pair of keys to unlock joy and happiness, an open secrete, yet so hard, but so easy

11) All the money in the world and yet no class. Classy with humble means. Which pair attracts? Money changes people, some become bullies, they mock those who have not, they flaunt their newly acquired wealth and buy fame and notoriety, but influence they lack.The wise ones quietly make a difference, they let others lift them up.

12) Pray, love, live and laugh. Forgive, forget, fight. Love yourself at any and every stage. Avoid being a vexation to people’s spirits, you don’t want your nerves stretched either

13) Facebook is evil. Facebook is a drug. Facebook is amazing. Facebook can kill

14) You’ve got to believe in something higher than yourself. You did not make yourself

15) Using anyone solely for your pleasure and giving them nothing in return should be a felony

16) No one hates you, stop saying you have haters. If you really did you would know the difference. You are not that important, I swear. You are not that interesting, none of us are, humble thyself, lighten up, be a blessing to someone, and take criticism for what it is, simple criticism, not hate. Get over yourself. The President has true haters, see the difference?

17) You cant mix uplifting and being a force for light and kindness, with bashing and lynching your detractors, mixed messages. Pick a pitch and stick to it.

18) Your number of facebook friends is just that, a number. Don’t buy the hype, remember how you got them? Yes, numbers. Use the numbers wisely

19) I’m not perfect, but I love you perfectly

20) I love my children, love yours



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  1. I have missed reading your blog! This was another great piece! You hit the nail on the head! I had to LOL at some of them but you speak the truth!

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