It is easy to pray for those who love you, respect you and reciprocate said affections. It is easy to pray for those that you love, or like and are desiring of their goodwill and favors. Now, praying for your enemies, detractors, those who have trespassed against you, hurt you, criticized you, made a mockery of you, your pain, your hurts, your misfortunes; THAT, takes a different kind of energy, will, emotion, and decision process.

Truth is, when you pray for your enemies, and those you are not feeling very charitable towards, you help yourself. You release your part in the equation, it’s an opportunity for you to self-examine and learn without much rancour, and a chance to elevate yourself by forgiving. If your enemies can be blessed and released of their stress, and find a happy place, they will soon forget about you and the hurt you may have caused them or vice versa. Pray for your enemies



4 thoughts on “PEARL # 69: SAY A PRAYER FOR THEM

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  1. Hello. My
    name is Lydia Wamuyu Waithaka fromNairobi, Kenya. First of all I love what you are doing with your amazing blog. Such an inspiration to me and others. Today in church, a lovely humble Sister visited the Don Bosco Church at Upper Hill. They talked about their magazine called Beauty Within and beckoned us to buy one. When I bought it, your article (Growing Up As A Girl) caught my eye. Now I am following your blog. When you get the time, kindly check my blog.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment Lydia, I was going through my blog comments and realized I had not replied yours it seems, I try to get back in touch with everyone who writes me. Again, I am appreciative that you took the time out to read my stuff, and yes, I was honored that Beauty Within Magazine asked me to write a few inspiring words. This is my joy and passion, I will visit your blog. Thanks again,

  2. thanks for sharing. I met a parent the other day whose child passed away. they prayed a radical prayer that brought the culprits to confess. this got me thinking.
    Let me be real. It got me thinking.
    God had guided me years ago to pray for my enemies. I didn’t even know it was in the Bible and he guided me through words in the Bible.
    I prayed in pain. I was so hurt I remember my tears were hot
    Years have gone by these bullies are still bullies.
    where is the thin line between justice and pray for your enemy.
    where is the thin line between be still and know I am God and pray for your enemies.
    This morning the last paragraph first line. The Lord ministered to me.
    In regards to last paragraph last line. My dear please pray for the broken hearted. They need the love of Christ. Both the victims and the perpetrators.
    Let me be real once more. People I have stood by, now because of my predicament turn and insult me, tell lies about me and courtesies of human respect for me is expensive for them.
    I don’t mean to boast but I don’t know if you remember the line in the movie Cain and Abel …..” we could have been friends!”. I think it was the last scene. You never know who is helped or is helping you.

    They have more money, society status yet the void is still there.

    My dear it’s only the Grace of God that really helps me to do the above as advised.
    The devil is out to steal, kill and destroy……
    The reason I ask you to pray for the broken hearted, is because I follow your blog you have a heart for humanity and bring out the best in us all.
    The anointing that’s on you is Gracious.

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