There are many voices in our head, some louder than others. There are many thoughts going through our mind, some thoughts last longer than others. There is at any given moment probably more activity going on in our mind than what is reflected in our life. Even when we sit down or go to bed to rest, our mind keeps on going till we will it be still or till sleep takes over, and for others, till we reach for the bottle of pills, wine or other to force our mind be still and let us rest. Then the dreams take over, always activity.

So, what does this tell us? We have to pay attention to our thoughts, what the mind is telling us. The mind gives us options, possibilities, but it is up to us to choose which thought we will follow. We reserve the right to make decisions based on our circumstances, our fears, worries, hopes, aspirations, limitations and also, the voices going on in other people’s heads.

It begs the question, if we can be influenced by the million voices in another person’s chaotic mind, should we not therefore be careful and selective about the people we allow in our circle. Yes, we must pay attention to the voices we allow and how much play time we give these people. A quick guide for me is whether what you have to say can improve my quality of life, your quality of life or that of someone else. Easy test which limits the gossiping frankly. Again, voices.

There is an inner voice though that can be so soft, and yet distinctly clear in spite of all the noise. It communicates with our heart, our spirit and we know this particular voice well. We have learned that when we listen to it, we thrive, and when we ignore it, we falter. Know and master that inner voice, whether it is the spirit of God talking to you, if you are religiously spiritual, or for the non-religious, it is your own inner voice of reason and protection. You know it, strengthen it

The voice within is your friend, learn to differentiate it from the voice of chaos.

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