Oh so many times we want to give up don’t we. It’s too hard, the cause is good but is it worth all the pain? We know what we are doing and striving to achieve is important, our health depends on our good fight, our marriages and relationships depend on our staying power, our education depends on us finishing the course, our dreams are hoping we fight everyday.

My message to you today is this, if it was worth it when you got into it, thought about it and what you were born to do, so fight to keep it, protect it. Know that as long as you are still alive, you have a fight in you.


Fighting takes many forms. Sometimes that fight might mean not doing anything, being still and knowing. Sometimes in relationships the fight to save it means lowering arms, no more pointing fingers and sometimes it means speaking out your intentions. Where your health is concerned, you know your part and you do it, protecting your mind. Then of course, fight to protect your spirit, for if the spirit is dead, the will to live and fight goes with it

Stay the course, you are strong, you have a fight in you, so fight!



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