The Power of Vision


In my opinion, having a vision for one’s life is imperative. I believe that even from the time when we were babes, we had visions which matured over time. Each vision I think, gives us an idea or inkling of what direction we need to be headed in our lives, and the realization of one vision leads to the next one. I believe that when we do not achieve the things we feel in our gut we were meant to achieve, they remain in our consciousness as recurrent dreams and repeating visions, reminding us of unfinished business if you may. The important thing about visions I have come to realize is the fact that they come with provision, if only you are willing to embark by faith on that journey. Most visions do not look like our present circumstances, they are bigger, grander, almost unrealistic, and when we fear to undertake them because we are seeing them through our current circumstance, we assume they cannot happen. Be brave today, trust what you see in your mind’s eye, that vision has what it needs to achieve it attached to it, do not fear. Step out in faith, start today.



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