I finally followed one of my dreams and launched my blog a week ago, wow, so this is how it feels, to take one’s own advice and step out on faith. I remember when I talked to a few friends over the years and most recently, & they mentioned this, I shied away, timid that if I launched a blog, what if no one came to read my thoughts, what if nobody visited, my work is personal, I love it, but it is so people oriented and interactive, I dare to share what I do because it matters that maybe someone might be blessed by it. I would still write, still ponder, still think and still create, even if nobody saw it, cause I have to honor my art. Well, I need to say a special thank you today, that though I would still have been grateful for just 5 views, 5 followers, 5 visitors or nothing, the Lord has blessed me greatly. In just exactly one week, just 7 days since I told you guys about my blog, I have received 1,066 views already! If this is not a sign that ‘im on the right path, then I don’t know what is. May I humbly thank each and everyone who came and made my few shy timid steps last week stronger for the journey. I will keep on, make it better & I hope you stay with me to see what the Lord is doing. Please, when you visit, let me know you were there, do not hesitate to tell others and myself about your own stuff so we can all support. Thank you!

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  1. sorry for the many posts Mah… I think I lost connection when I wrote the first post and didn’t realize it was actually posted… so I re-wrote it during a break from doing other things… and reposted without checking… sorry for clogging your blog wall… I trust I am forgiven…

    1. O no you are not clogging my blog in any way my dear, I kind of figured out that was what happened, it was a no brainer, but I do honor every time you visit my blog and you bless me with your posts, please, continue to visit

  2. Mah, congratulations on blogging for one week… it is important to pause to mark and salute the mile stones… it is wonderful when our writings are used as a vehicle of blessing, and our words are a touch point of transformation for many including ourselves… it is even more wonderful when we can bring ourselves to the point where we will write, as we know how to best, even if nobody will read it… like you mentioned this is how to honor the craft… I believe the dividends from honored craft may tarry, but they inevitably come…words can be magical, literally speaking… keep writing! cheers

  3. It is important to stop and mark the milestones… it is wonderful when our writing is a vehicle of blessing to touch and transform lives and hopefully ourselves… it is even more wonderful when you can, like you mention, bring yourself to that place where you will write, as you best know how to, even when no one will read… congrats on one week of blogging… savor the moment and stay after that endlessly better writer in you…words can be magical… cheers, afeseh

    1. THank you Afeseh, warm words and yes indeed I felt joy and pride after a week. Let us say that side of us that is forever unsure of the quality of what we have to offer was greatly nourished and needed to say thank you to the likes of you who have indeed adopted this blog. May all our efforts be richly blessed, keep visiting, dont forget to mail me with any suggestions ok

  4. Congratulations Mah, this is very inspirational and I know it will bless and encourage many. Keep building on these initial blocks and who knows where the Lord will take you! Much love,

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