The Cockroach & The Rooster

I thought of this African proverb which says that a cockroach can not call a chicken/rooster to a wrestling match. We all know what will happen to the cockroach I believe. I am sure that if asked, most of us will claim we are the rooster, the obvious interpretation leading you to think of a confrontation between someone else and you. However, what if I challenge you today to think of the elements in this proverb, not having to do with you and anyone else but you and yourself. You and your life, the obstacles, your aspirations, broken dreams, behavior problems, addictions, joblessness. At any given point in your life, you must chose who is the Rooster and who is the cockroach. Are you gonna master your life, & the challenges we face daily, or are you the cockroach in your own life who keeps getting pecked by the sharp beak of the rooster? Food for thought


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