It’s been a week since I started another phase of the battle of the bulge, my ferocious attack on these jiggly parts of mine as I call them fondly. I told myself that we have been down this road before, over and over and over again. Now that my last kid is 2 years old, I can no longer claim him as an excuse, “baby weight” hahaha. So, starting last week, I diligently ate more fruits, vegetables, nuts and started working out again. In fact, honesty is tugging at my heart to self-confess that I have not worked out diligently in almost 5 months, what sense is there in that Mah? So, anyway, since I am so good at spewing words of wisdom, this is my self-directed advice, Mah eat more quality food, exercise a lot, cultivate your body like your mind. But what about the stretch marks?……..I guess those are my badges of honor, won’t touch those. Thank God for the 5 pounds lost, many more to go.

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