As she walked away again, his eyes glossed over as he stood at the doorway, 

As he’d decided, he didn’t cry for her like before, not one tear was cast away

As usual she had showered him with kisses, the game she loved to play

She told him the usual stuff, how when she comes back they will play

She did not notice the cold look in his eyes as he turned his cheek away

She just continued to fidget with her handkerchief like it was a mold of clay

This time around, he thought to himself as he watched her drive away

This time he won’t be the one always left and counted upon to stay

This time when she came back, he’d be long gone astray

For he had given her one last chance to love him and stay

For all the love his little heart thought he sent her way

For now & ever “goodbye Mama”, his love never again to see the light of day



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