I was just thinking how a lot of times we wish we were or had something that was not given to us even naturally. Me for example, I when I was more immature, I wished I could sing like a lark, if I had Celine Dion’s voice my life would be full of roses for I would sing my way into lots of happy situations and be rich! Some days I thought Naomi Campbell is wasting all those legs and skinny waist, getting into fights and all, if I had her build I would be the sweetest supermodel ever. As for Oprah, goodness, I used to think in my innermost thoughts that I would tweak her fame a little, combined with my children, we will rule the world………… my childish dreams, and then I grew up. What about what I do have that someone else is looking at & admiring, don’t I see that in me too? Why only notice what other people have that we don’t  So, anyway, i’m glad today I can say I have grown out of that, through working on my gifts & being appreciative of my life, I realized that these people I admire probably wish they had my heart, my smile, and many more things if only they knew me. Point is, we are great and perfect just as we are. I think TD Jakes said, the grass is greener on the other side cause the water bill is higher too or something. Word?


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  1. Guess what! The grass is greener where it is watered! So all u need to do is water ur own garden and u will see the results!

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