The lion couldn’t believe his ears, as he cocked his head he heard the footsteps draw closer

Could it be his prey did not realize this was Lion territory, what stupidity

He starts to salivate, he cannot help himself, when a meal arrives it must be hunted down

As he makes his presence known, his mane glistening in the harsh sun of midday, he notices something

the poor antelope looks really lost, soaked like it had just survived a near-drowning, shivering, limping

By now Antelope can sense the danger, he’s looking dead into the lion’s eyes, heart racing, nostrils flaring

Does Lion know I cannot run, a broken leg, enough energy just to survive a few steps forward

Lion sensing this weakness decides not to chase or pounce, instead he says, as he licks his lips

“Come into my lair fair Antelope, I will give you shelter”

Antelope hesitates, confused at this unpredictable¬†behavior from Lion, what to do?…..




9 thoughts on “COME INTO MY LAIR

Add yours

    1. hahaha Yef, the story is for us to finish, draw our own conclusion, wont it be too easy if I completed it? lol. Maybe I will put you out of the torture but for now, “anyman to ye conclusion”

  1. I think the antelope went with the lion lol because he knew that either way he was going to die so why prolong the inevitable. On the other hand it could be that the lion truly wasn’t going to harm the antelope but seeing as past experiences influence decisions I dont think the antelope will buy that lol

    1. hahaah grande soeur Jemy, im curious to know what you think? Are you gonna give this story a twist? or is it obvious the antelope got eaten. Do you think it even went with the lion or did the lion have a change of heart?????

    1. haha, Jude I like how you do not doubt that the lion obeyed his nature, I wonder if the Antelope doubted for a second though, are we plagued with going against our instinct in this case against the known predictability of our formidable foes? hm

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