Today I found myself wondering about my spirituality & the practice of my spiritual faith. Over the years I have gone from cool, to warm, to red hot then back to warm, cool and hot as regards my attendance in church and keeping myself within the assembly of the faithful. However my existence as a spiritual being has never been in question. I find that even when I did not frequent church & its activities, that I felt a great connection still to my God. Now of course there were times when I treated Him like a distant relative, until problems hit & suddenly I remembered that He is my All. The good old days when you went to church cause Mommy & Daddy said so. Now that I gotta think for myself, I hate the momentary doubts. Sometimes I think the only church I need is God & myself, just by ourselves, Him & Me, but I know I need to be by other Christians to grow. Thoughts thoughts…….

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  1. Another great piece! I experience this very frequently, I used to always talking myself out of going to church and tell myself I will pray at home but then distractions happen. It wasnt until one day when I thought I was too tired to go to church when a thought came to me; If I had some other appointment, work or something else would I stay at home? 20 mins later I was on my way to church

    1. well well well, thank you for this, I was starting to feel I was the only one who had experienced postponing the necessity for church for probably “communing” with the good Lord at home, and then obviously failing to do so. You bring up an excellent point, if we were gonna get fired from work, we wont stay a minute will we?

  2. LOL Mama….only God can answer you here. Ask for His spirit of discernment and have the courage to go wherever He leads. It might very well be from point A to Q to B to F etc but rest assured when He thinks you are ready, He will take you to point Z. But through it all He loves you immensely. Someone always told me, any decision that comes from God fills you with a sense of peace…when you start having anxiety and worries then you may want to reassess the situation 🙂

    1. Wo, thanks for your feedback. Today though I am comfortably at Mass goings, I just thought of other times when I felt apathy and indifference. Now since experiences tend to reoccur, I wondered of others went through those stages where you just wonder! haha

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