As I pulled my hot plate from the microwave starving, I couldn’t wait to eat. As I agitated the grains of rice & stew with my fork it occurred to me that it might still be too hot for a 1st bite, but I talked myself out of waiting. I wondered, how do you know exactly how hot your food is if you don’t taste it? (as if the vapor steaming from the plate wasn’t enough indication). As I brought the fork closer to my lips, again I ignored the warning from the heat that tickled my nose, again I thought, that’s no big deal, I’ve eaten hot food before, this can’t be that bad. Oh well, turns out it was worse, seems I had unknowingly set the microwave to heat up for 4 minutes instead of 40 seconds! Hélas, my scalded tongue now knows, just like most things in life, heed the little warnings, don’t talk yourself into or out of it if your gut says otherwise, & just because you’ve been there or experienced it before doesn’t make this time any less dangerous.

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  1. ashia Mah… even though I can’t help smiling, because I have been there many many times, too many to count… maybe I’ll learn the lesson soon…I know I have said that before and soon has become too elastic… I have suffered the same fate with my tea and food… there is a proverb in pidgin which I love so much… wouldn’t attempt to translate it because I think the meaning is lost in translation… ” fowl weh yi no hear sshhhhhhhhhh go hear gbam”…. how true? I no know whether na hungry, but there is a pull to eat sometimes which outmatches the push to shrink in fear and proceed with caution in response to the rising warning vapor….

    1. hahaha Hilary, oh yes, I know everyone has experienced that. It got me thinking whether this innocent gaffe, having to do with food, pretty harmless, was a behavior exposed in other areas. How many times did we visit that quartier, neighborhood, knowing we had no business being there, or how many times did we hang around those “friends” knowing one day we will answer for it? hahah

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